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Don't Just Get It Clean, Get It UltraClean!!
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Call Us Today! 478-733-6842

Vacancy Cleaning

 -Clean tub(s) & walls-
-Clean shower stall, door, & walls****-
-Clean mirror(s)---Clean medicine cabinet-
-Clean toilet(s)---Clean exhaust fan vent cover-
-Mop floor(s)---Clean Sink(s)-
-Clean & remove dead bugs from light fixtures &/or globes*-
 -Clean cabinet(s) underneath sink inside and out-
-Clean all drawers, shelves, & remove shelf paper-

-Clean stove top & REPLACE drip pans
under eyes-
(unless easily cleaned by simple spray & wipe)
-Clean inside & outside of oven-
-Clean venthood-
-Clean refrigerator inside & out​-
-Clean/flush garbage disposal**-
-Clean sink & polish faucet-
-Clean interior & front exterior of dishwasher-
-Clean floor under, behind, &/or beside refrigerator**-
-Clean inside & outside of drawers & cabinets-
-Clean countertops/backsplash-
-Sweep & mop floor-
-Clean all shelves & remove shelf paper-

-Sweep &/or mop floor-
-Remove webs(if applicable)-
-Dust thoroughly-

-​Sweep baseboards & edge of carpets-
-Clean all window glass, sills &/or tracks****-
-DUST all blinds***-
-Clean all door panels/glass****-
-Vacuum carpeted floors-
-Clean all doors & strike plates-
-Clean entry door & door threshold-
-Clean/dust all ceiling fans-
-Clean light fixtures &/or globes-
-Sweep balcony---Sweep porch area-
-Clean receptacle & switch plates-

If there are other technicians &/or contractors
(painting, remodeling, repairing, replacing carpet or
tile, etc.) in the apartment or house at the time scheduled.

If there are numerous(More than five) live bugs &/or
insects(roaches, spiders, etc.) crawling around 
when the cleaner(s) arrive at the scheduled time.
If the cleaning service is canceled &/or rescheduled
without a minimum of two hours notice.

If it requires debris &/or garbage removal

If additional labor is required to remove 
excessive dirt, grime, stains, and/or buildup
of pet hair, paint, residue and/or adhesive, 
on any surface such as inside and/or outside of 
cabinets, drawers, baseboards, appliances,
shower and/or tub units, toilets, sinks, 
windows, window blinds, etc.

If there is no power &/or running
water inside the apartment or
house at the time scheduled.

​*Only light fixtures &/or globes located inside the
buildiing living areas & if no tools are required
to remove them. UltraClean, Inc. technicians
are not equipped with screwdrivers, pliers, etc.

**Property owners or managers are responsible
for moving appliances(Our technicians may move
some appliances, depending on the floor surface
and if the appliances are on wheels) When heavy
appliances are located on certain floor types such
as soft linoleum, hardwood, etc. UltraClean, Inc.
considers it a liability for our technicians to
move, or attempt to move, them because it has been
known to result in damage to the floor and/or
appliance, especially top heavy appliances, in the past.

***CLEANING blinds for an additional cost due to
additional labor & time involved.

****An additional cost may be assessed for the removal
of tough lime/calcium scale deposits or paint overspray.

^All  up-charges will be approved, if possible, by the customer.