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Don't Just Get It Clean, Get It UltraClean!!
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Call Us Today! 478-733-6842

Terms & Conditions

  1. I understand that by booking this service, I am responsible for having the location ready to be cleaned at the time scheduled (all painting & remodeling completed, all debris removed, etc.) If I feel the location will not be ready at this  time, then I will reschedule it to be cleaned at   a later time and/or date at least two hours in advance of the previously scheduled time. 

  2. I understand that an "up-charge" fee may be assessed if it is not  rescheduled at least two hours before the originally scheduled time or if return visits are requested to touch-up items or areas that were  previously cleaned as instructed and/or any additional cleaning that is considered to be outside of the specified scope of work as outlined at & the "additional cleaning" cannot be known until the technician arrives at the location on the time & day scheduled & has had the opportunity to see the property. 
  3. All  up-charges will be pre-approved via phone call  with the customer before the cleaning begins on the day & time scheduled, if possible. Items requiring an up-charge will be delayed or incomplete if the  technicians are unable to communicate with the  customer at this time or for the duration of the  service scheduled for that day & time, unless otherwise stated, & additional fees may be applied as a result.

  4.  I agree to authorize  UltraClean, Inc. to use bleach, or products  containing bleach or chlorine, on my property for  the purpose of cleaning, unless otherwise stated in writing, and will not hold UltraClean, Inc., or any of UltraClean, Inc.'s  associates, employee, or any other personnel  authorized by UltraClean, Inc., responsible for, or  liable for, any damage that could possibly result from the use of bleach, or products containing bleach or chlorine, on this property.

  5. I authorize UltraClean, Inc. to employ the use of hidden cameras for the purpose of training and/or theft prevention that will aid in improving the quality of service provided by UltraClean, Inc.

  6. I authorize UltraClean, Inc. to perform assessments that are used to review potential new cleaning technicians & will aid in  improving the quality of service provided by UltraClean, Inc.
  7. I understand that by signing and/or approving this service to be completed, I am verifying that I am the owner or authjorized agent of the property to be serviced and I am authorized to make decisions on behalf of the owner and/or manager of this property. 

  8. I understand that if I do not want UltraClean, Inc. using bleach, chlorine, hidden cameras, or completing assessments on the property, I can unauthorize or notate this in the section specified by the UltraClean, Inc. representative, if applicable.