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Don't Just Get It Clean, Get It UltraClean!!
Call Us Today! 478-733-6842
Call Us Today! 478-733-6842



Receive 50% off residential house cleaning/maid service*

*This is upon request & is a one time special that applies to the third cleaning service visit only for first                                    time customers. Cleaning service visits must be spaced no more than two weeks apart to qualify. 
Sign up for Commercial Janitorial Maintenance* and UltraClean, Inc. will pay your current service Cancellation Fee** to cancel with your current janitorial service provider.

                                   *Up to $200 with proof of Cancellation / **Applies to first time customers only

Receive 10% off for referring others!

For each referral, receive 10% for the 1st month of your referral’s agreement or 10% of any one-time jobs. Ask your referral to give your name, address, and phone number at the time they schedule/sign for service to receive your Referral Reward.

                                          * The referral must tell us the above information voluntarily & all "Referral Rewards" are mailed via check                                       from UltraClean, Inc.

Referral Campaign For Janitorial Accounts 
UltraClean, Inc. will pay 50% on all referrals for janitorial maintenance*!! We will pay an equivalent to 50% of the amount that the customer referred pays for their first month of janitorial service*!! You could possibly make over $1,000, if they sign an agreement and allow us to complete at least one month of janitorial service *!! You will make a minimum of $75 for referring even the smallest accounts*!!
*This does not apply to any accounts over 5,000 sq. ft. or offices with patient rooms, hair salons, or restaurants. This deal expires on December 31, 2017. All Referral Rewards are mailed via check from UltraClean, Inc.