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Call Us Today! 478-733-6842

Janitorial Maintenance

UltraClean provides Janitorial Services customized to suit your needs.


  • Sweep & mop all hard surfaced floors in specified areas
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas in specified areas
  • Clean & sanitize restrooms
  • Remove spills from appliances and counter tops in break areas
  • Remove old coffee filters & clean coffee pot
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Empty all trashcans**
  • Replenish all paper & soap products specified***
  • Remove all hand-prints from doors, glass on doors, & light switch plates
  • Remove all spider webs
  • Clean & sanitize water fountains
  • Dust ALL areas thoroughly
  • Spot clean all interior glass, unless otherwise specified
  • Change filters in A/C return ducts as needed*

*Must not exceed 8′ from floor

** Trash bags will be replaced if they contain gum, food, liquid, or holes

*** Customer is responsible for the purchase of all paper & soap products, air filters, & trashcan liners.


All locations receiving Janitorial Maintenance will be provided with

bi-weekly inspections during business hours, no matter how large

or small!!