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Call Us Today! 478-733-6842

House Cleaning

Dust home interior, as specified by the customer, top to bottom
(Does not include baseboards or walls)

Remove any spider webs from the home interior that may be found in areas to be cleaned as specified by the customer

Clean all toilet(s), sink(s), tub(s),



& mirror(s) located inside the powder room(s)

and/or restroom(s)


Clean countertops(s) & appliance(s) such as the refrigerator, toaster, toaster oven, microwave, coffee maker, dishwasher, stove/oven, etc. that are in the kitchen or kitchen area

(Does not include silver bowls under the eyes of some electric stoves)

Take trash located inside the household trash cans to a designated trash container outside of the home

Sweep & mop all hard surfaced floors as specified by the customer

Vacuum all carpeted areas specified by the customer

NOTE: This description applies to occupied homes only & are items that customers have typically requested to be done in the past as a routine or recurring cleaning inside their home.Customers can customize this list before the scheduled service begins by adding or taking off any items that are provided by UltraClean, Inc. (Additional fees may apply). UltraClean, Inc. does not use concentrated bleach in any of its’ cleaning services, except upon customer’s request. However, some products used by our cleaning technicians may contain bleach. Housecleaners are not allowed to lift over 25 lbs. (75 lbs. is permitted if two technicians are lifting together) Wall cleaning or dusting, blind cleaning , window cleaning, and/or carpet cleaning are not included in the "basic routine cleaning", however, we do offer these services upon request (A different crew may have to be dispatched that is trained, experienced, qualified, & equipped to perform these additional services). If our technicians are unable to perform scheduled services as a result of the surfaces to be cleaned being covered with miscellaneous items or debris such as dishes, silverware, pots, pans, clothes, boxes, trash, toys, makeup containers, etc., additional charges may apply for the additional labor & time needed to remove these items before servicing these areas as described in this description. If the customer chooses to remove these items from the specified areas after the cleaning technician has arrived to perform the scheduled service, then additional fees may apply, so please remove these items before the scheduled service. All "additional work" will be done at an additional rate of $25.00 per man-hour, and this can only be performed after all originally scheduled items have been completed.

Customers have the option of choosing a set price

or an hourly rate with